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Oops Grab Bag - 10 sheets

Oops Grab Bag - 10 sheets

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This listing is for a set of 10 imperfect sticker sheets. There are a variety of reasons why these sheets are considered oops sheets.

1. Wrong paper could be used.
2. The stickers are not cut correctly.
3. The sheets may contain a spot.
4. The colors are not correct.
5. They could be fine, but ended up as extras after orders were filled.

Overall, they did not meet my quality standards for my shop. These sets DO NOT include sticker sheets that are completely bad. Those sticker sheets get recycled. 

The stickers are still usable and great for your planner, but do not meet the full price expectations set by me. 

Please note these grab bags are random. I can not guarantee you will receive specific stickers in your order. But, I will assure you that you will receive 5 different sheets. No duplicates are included. 

If you have any additional questions before purchasing, please send me an email.

Thank you again for supporting my small shop!